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    Clinical trials provide insight into new treatments.

We Are Suburban Research Associates

At Suburban Research Associates, we offer an alternative to people who might be experiencing financial constraints or are unable to see a psychiatrist because of waiting lists or high co-pays. We work with several local primary care and family physicians as well as local mental health facilities by providing free psychiatric evaluations, usually within 1 week. Our patients do not need insurance and all services are covered with no payments before, during, or after treatment. Learn More »

Current Trials

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  • About Clinical Trials

    About Clinical Trials

    Clinical research is a study to answer specific research questions about new drug treatments and is conducted in phases. Each phase has a different purpose in the trial's course.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Did you know that clinical trials are a very important part of bringing new and better medications to the market? By participating, you are helping researchers and doctors find new medications.
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  • Testimonials


    We are proud to take part in the search for new medicines that may help others. Most importantly, we care for our patients who join us in this search. Their input and feedback is invaluable to our practice.
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