We Are Suburban Research Associates

Suburban Research Associates is an investigative site that conducts psychiatric clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. We offer an alternative to those who may be experiencing financial constraints or are unable to see a psychiatrist because of waiting lists or high co-pays.

We work with several local primary care and family physicians, as well as local mental health facilities by providing free psychiatric evaluations. Our patients do not need insurance and all services are covered with no payments before, during, or after treatment.

Recent Blog Articles

National Depression Education and Awareness Month

October is National Depression Education and Awareness Month. If you have been following our blogs and social media post, spreading awareness and education on depression is a common topic. You may have even seen our post on Depression and Major Depressive Disorder. We wanted to dig even deeper into the education and awareness aspects of

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Migraines: More Than Just A Headache

Most of us have heard of migraines before; however, people often associate migraines as being equivalent to headaches. While they do have similarities, migraines and headaches are actually quite different. Migraines are not only a much more severe type of headache, but also often come with a host of other symptoms that can significantly affect

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Clinical Trials Versus Standard Treatment

When you hear the term “clinical trial” or “research study”, you may have questions about what exactly they entail compared to your standard treatment options. In a previous blog post, we talked about demystifying clinical trials and addressed some of the widely believed myths around participating in them. In this blog post, we will talk

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