We Are Suburban Research Associates

Suburban Research Associates is an investigative site that conducts psychiatric research studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. We have conducted over 200 trials since 1999.

We work with several local primary care and family physicians, as well as local mental health facilities by providing free psychiatric evaluations. Our patients do not need insurance and all services are covered with no payments before, during, or after treatment.

Recent Blog Posts

What is Adjustment Disorder?

In light of recently beginning enrollment for one of our newest studies, Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety; we thought we’d share a little bit more with you about what an Adjustment Disorder (AjD) actually is. Put simply, Ajd occurs when one experiences a significant amount of distress following a stressful life event. Although Ajd can look

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Mental Health, the Holiday Season, and the New Year!

For many people, the holiday season and the start of a new year can be a time of happiness and joy. However, it can also be a source of stress, anxiety, depression, or grief for others. We wanted to take a minute to acknowledge and discuss some ways to manage mental health during this time.

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National Alzheimer’s Disease Month

November is national Alzheimer’s Disease month. While we do not currently have any enrolling studies for Alzheimer’s Disease, we so have one that will be opening in early 2022 and we offer free memory screenings to the community for those 50+ years old who are worried about memory issues. Alzheimer’s Disease as defined by the

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