We Are Suburban Research Associates

Suburban Research Associates is an investigative site that conducts psychiatric clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. We offer an alternative to those who may be experiencing financial constraints or are unable to see a psychiatrist because of waiting lists or high co-pays.

We work with several local primary care and family physicians, as well as local mental health facilities by providing free psychiatric evaluations. Our patients do not need insurance and all services are covered with no payments before, during, or after treatment.

Recent Blog Articles

Maintaining Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic World

As things begin to return to some degree of “normalcy”, we must also acknowledge that for some, things may not necessarily return to what many consider normal. The pandemic alone has affected mental health in various ways. Being cut off from the things you enjoy, social isolation, grief, loss, and even trauma, have hit many

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Unpacking PTSD

You have probably heard of the condition Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as being common among Veteran’s or those who have endured life-threatening traumatic events. While those events can commonly cause the development of PTSD, it is often much more than that. There are a wide variety of traumatic events that could pave the way for

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Mental Health Beneath the Surface

You’ve heard us talk about mental health, mental health awareness, and the stigma surrounding it; however, there is still so much to uncover on this subject. In light of Mental Health Awareness Month being right around the corner, we wanted to talk all about it! Firstly, let’s start by distinguishing mental health and mental illness.

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