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Suburban Research Associates is an investigative site that conducts psychiatric research studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. We have conducted over 200 trials since 1999.

We work with several local primary care and family physicians, as well as local mental health facilities by providing free psychiatric evaluations. Our patients do not need insurance and all services are covered with no payments before, during, or after treatment.

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June is Men’s Health Month

*Potential Trigger Warning: Mention of suicide is included in this article. June is Men’s Health Month! So, we wanted to shed some light on men’s mental health. Oftentimes due to stigma and judgement, men’s mental health can go dismissed or overlooked. However, It’s nonetheless prevalent and important! Just as physical health and illness, mental health

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“My Mental Health Journey”

Otsuka pharmaceuticals recently announced one of their My Mental Health Journey Registry Study. This study offers a unique experience that is fully virtual and not intervention based. Rather, it offers participants the opportunity to share their own mental health journey to bring awareness and inform future paths of research. The Study’s Purpose: My Mental Health

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Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain

What is Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain (DPNP)? You have likely heard of diabetes before and recognize it as a condition where one has low or high blood sugar. However, it can often consist of more than just complications with blood sugar alone. Blood sugar abnormalities or imbalances affect other systems in the body as well.

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