Suburban Research Associates Response to Racial Injustice

In light of the recent acts of racial injustice towards George Floyd and many others, the critical conversation regarding the ongoing matter of racism and racial injustice in our society has been renewed. We understand this is an incredibly tough time and sensitive topic for many. We hear you and we are here for you.

At Suburban Research Associates, all patients, staff, and visitors are welcomed and accepted at our offices regardless of their race, culture, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation/identity, religion, or disability. However, we are also consciously aware that matters such as these require more attention than that alone. To give this matter the attention it deserves, we continue to educate ourselves and each other on relevant matters as well as being open to having these conversations to ensure we are providing all of our patients, staff, and visitors the best quality care and respect possible. We have always and will always continue to take these matters seriously.

To those of the Black/African American community, we see you, hear you, and support you. We recognize and empathize with the pain, anger, and frustration that many are faced with in relation to these acts of racial injustice and we will continue to support you and do our part to stand against racism within our community.

Finally, as a mental health facility, we realize that these events are also taking an emotional toll on many as anxiety, depression, and other emotions set in. Events like these are not easy to process and it can be hard to figure out how to cope with all that is going on. Whatever it is you are feeling in response to this matter, we understand, and you are not alone.

At Suburban Research Associates, our mission is to search for a better tomorrow, one patient at a time and we will continue to uphold that statement within our office and within the community to help stand against racism and racial injustice.

Thank You.

Suburban Research Associates

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